How It Works

What type of loan best suits me?
Its easy. Use our mortgage loan calculator to determine which loan is best for you and which payment of which you are most comfortable.

How long does the process take?
Typically, the entire process takes about 6-8 weeks from the time there is an accepted offer between buyer and seller.

Once the offer is accepted, you will submit our loan application indicating your choice for the terms of the loan we provide. Once we receive your application and a copy of your contract, we will send you a loan confirmation.

Do the developers have the right of first refusal?
In most cases they do and the first right of refusal takes approximately 30 days.

Who prepares the closing documents?
Once the developer waives the right of first refusal, the escrow company will request the loan documents from us, incorporate our documents with their closing documents and sent to you.

Once the escrow company receives the buyer and seller’s documents along with the funds (which includes the down payment, the escrow fees, the one time acquisition fee and prepaid interest), the escrow company will request a wire transfer in the amount of funds we committed to the mortgage loan.

Congratulations. You are now a Vacation Club Owner.

What happens after closing?
You will receive a welcome email from us with your payment book, either electronically or if a hard copy is preferred, we will send it to you via U.S. mail. Your first payment will be due thirty (30) days after close of escrow.

It is that simple. Really.

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